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All data are given in time UTC except for the places where it is expressly stated to the contrary, The data provided on this website are informative!!!

Actual Weather
Weather - Poland
23°C Szczecin 20°C Suwałki 23°C Warszawa 25°C Poznan
24°C Opole 23°C Kraków 22°C Rzeszów
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Weather - Europe
26°C Berlin 28°C Paryz 24°C Bruksela 23°C Oslo
24°C Praga 27°C Zagrzeb
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METAR EPBC 081500Z AUTO 34004KT CAVOK 25/08 Q1024=

Informacje ogólne
Ptaki - zagrożenia
Temperature: 23.0°C
Wind: 5.0 m/s
Pressure: 1023.9 hPa
Phenomena: No
Temp. max: 23.9 °C
Temp. min: 11.9 °C

Astrological Weather
Day: 15:08 h
Night: 08:52 h

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