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Actual Weather
General weather forecast

Freezing drizzle or rain are forecasted to occur.
lubulubelkujwiellodzmazFREEZING PRECIPITATION (st.2)Glaze, icing of taxiways, interior roads, runways and equipment.Substantial difficulti es in troops deployment.Possible breaks in delivery of electric energy.Breaks in the operation of radiolocation devices.
Weather - Poland
3°C Szczecin 3°C Suwałki 1°C Warszawa 0°C Poznan
-4°C Opole -4°C Kraków -3°C Rzeszów
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Weather - Europe
1°C Berlin 4°C Paryz 2°C Bruksela 3°C Oslo
0°C Praga 2°C Zagrzeb
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METAR EPBC 251800Z 26005KT 3000 -DZ BR OVC002 01/00 Q1020=
METAR EPCE 252030Z 24009KT 9999 OVC003 03/03 Q1018 RMK 030 097 8/8=
METAR EPDA 252030Z 22008KT 2500 -DZRA BR BKN003 04/03 Q1019 RMK 037 096 6/6=
METAR EPDE 252030Z 24006KT 4000 BR BKN006 OVC010 M00/M01 Q1021 RMK M001 094 8/6=
METAR EPKS 252030Z 26005KT 0800 R29/1500N FZFG OVC002 M00/M00 Q1022 RMK M002 100 8/8=
METAR EPLK 252030Z 22004KT 2000 BR OVC002 M01/M01 Q1021 RMK M013 100 8/8=
METAR EPLY 252000Z 25004KT 1000 -FZDZ BR OVC002 M00/M00 Q1021 RMK M002 099 8/8=
METAR EPMB 252000Z 26010KT 9999 SCT009 BKN015 OVC034 04/02 Q1019 RMK 039 089 8/3=
METAR EPMI 252000Z 22004KT 1200 R30/P2000N BR OVC002 01/01 Q1020 RMK 013 100 8/8=
METAR EPMM 252030Z 28009KT 0600 R26/P2000N FG OVC002 00/M00 Q1020 RMK 002 097 8/8=
METAR EPOK 252030Z 26007KT 9999 FEW015 OVC028 05/03 Q1018 RMK 048 086 8/1=
METAR EPPR 252000Z 23004KT 9999 OVC030 04/02 Q1018 RMK 044 082 8/8=
METAR EPPW 252030Z 25008KT 0800 R28L/1300D FZFG OVC002 M00/M00 Q1021 RMK M002 100 8/8=
METAR EPSN 252000Z 22008KT 200V260 2000 BR OVC002 02/02 Q1019 RMK 023 100 8/8=
METAR EPTM 252030Z AUTO 26004KT VV004 M00/M01 Q1021 RMK M003 093 ///=


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